Slimming - herbs and pills

If only it were that easy! But neither herbs nor tablets let the body fat melt, even if the advertising promises something completely different. On the contrary, many slimming products are especially dangerous for long-term use. Whenever new studies on the steadily increasing obesity of Germans or Europeans appear, the pharmacies can look forward, because then the demand for over-the-counter remedies that reduce appetite or even burn fat increases.

More and more new drugs are coming onto the market, not infrequently camouflaged as a "herbal" remedy, but just then there are increasing reports that they neither help nor serve the long term. "Therma Power", a dietary supplement that contains ephedrine.

Fat killer ephedrine

Prior to "Therma Power" the Hamburg health authority warned at the beginning of 2008. It is offered on the Internet as an appetite suppressant and as a means of losing weight. After a death by cardiac arrest in Denmark has been linked to the use of such an agent, the discussion about the ingredients that are unpredictable to laymen has started again. "Therma Power" contains caffeine, synephrine and ephedrine in addition to components of the ephedra herb.

Ephedrine is an alkaloid (an organic chemical compound found predominantly in plants). The Chemical and Veterinary Investigation Office Karlsruhe writes: "The fat-reducing effect should be based on the stimulation of the metabolism by the alkaloid ephedrine and an associated increased calorie consumption.Edition, ephedrine has a strong dehydrating effect.The usual combination with caffeine increases not only the effects, but also the health risk. "

Synephrine, which is also found in "Topic Power" - it is derived from the fruit of bitter orange - causes an increase in metabolism and body temperature. What can happen then: The body is running at full speed, it just gets too much power, and it can lead to pupil dilation, nervousness, tremors, sweats, arrhythmia, increased blood pressure and high doses to seizures and mental changes.

Under the harmless-sounding name Meerträubel the ephedra herb is also traded, under its Chinese name Ma-huang or Mormon, Brigham and Mexican tea you can find the slimming product quickly over the Internet, disguised as a dietary supplement or as tea. EU-legally, these products need a drug approval. 20 deaths in the US and hundreds of cases of harmful side effects have been linked to this in recent years.

Problem overweight

Two-thirds of Germans are overweight or obese, three-quarters of German men and just under three-fifths of women have clearly too much on their ribs, that is the widely discussed result of a study by the International Association for the Study of Obesity (IASO) from the year 2007. This confirms the "National Consumption Study", recently published by the Federal Ministry of Consumer Affairs. One in five Germans is even obese, that is, obese. Being obese means having a body mass index (BMI) above 30 (BMI = body weight divided by height squared). This value reaches men who are 1.80 meters tall and weighing over 100 kilos or women who are 1.60 meters tall and weigh over 77 kilos.

Around 20, 000 Germans were asked about eating habits, sports activities, shopping practice and lifestyle for the National Consumer Survey. And obesity not only makes you ill, but costs a lot of money: Even now, diseases caused by improper nutrition cause around 70 billion euros a year. For example, diabetes or cardiovascular disease can be the result of obesity.

Healthy diet and exercise would be the right way to lose weight, but a comfortable person does not like to go through that effort. It's a lot easier to get used to the magic of slimness, and how easy it is to "iron in" your cravings with pills.

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