Maple syrup - grade, diet and effect

Depending on the harvest time different quality levels arise. Grade AA maple syrup stands for highest class, very light syrup with a fine, mild taste. This quality grade is sold almost exclusively in Canada and barely exported. Grade A maple syrup is also of very high quality and has a mild, aromatic taste. Grade B is usually much darker and tastes strong and aromatic. The amber maple syrup grade C tastes very strong and spicy. The last category, Grade D maple syrup, is also referred to as "industrial syrup" in Canada because it is used exclusively for industrial processing. Its taste is so strong that it is almost uncomfortable and the color is very dark. Basically, the brighter the maple syrup is, the finer and milder its flavor.

Use of maple syrup

Maple syrup is healthy, there is no doubt about that. As a pure natural product, it contains many minerals, depending on the soil conditions. However, most vitamins are lost through repeated cooking in the processing process.

Nonetheless, maple syrup is primarily a high-sugar food - it sweetens even more than conventional granulated sugar. For people with diabetes maple syrup is not suitable. In combination with lemon juice, chilli and water to lose weight is a maple syrup diet.

Maple syrup as a sugar substitute

If you want to use maple syrup to sweeten food and drinks, make sure that a good half-teaspoon of syrup can replace a whole tablespoon of sugar. The general rule is that 100 grams of sugar can be replaced by 75 grams of syrup.

Otherwise, maple syrup can generally be used everywhere instead of sugar. The Indians seasoned with their "Sinzibuckwud", which roughly means "elicited from the wood", by the way almost all food, including savory dishes. Even when they first came into contact with salt through the settlers, they did not like it much and they preferred to stick to their maple syrup.

Maple syrup: healthy effect

If you use the golden liquid today, you can be sure you have a high quality natural product. A cup of tea or hot milk with maple syrup relaxes and helps with insomnia. A spoonful of pure syrup awakens new energies and dispels feelings of inertia.

As versatile and delicious as the syrup is, it also has disadvantages. From an environmental point of view, the overseas transport and its environmental impact should be assessed critically. Even the price of a bottle of maple syrup far exceeds that of a packet of sugar. Since a tree can deliver only about 40 liters of juice per year, which corresponds to one liter of maple syrup, this price should, however, be comprehensible.

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